depression · Mental health

It all gets better in the end 

Depression It’s a fickle thing.

It can be triggered by the tinny tiniest things or if you’re me by nothing at all.

My mood can go from joyful and happy to lonely and suicidal in a split second.
And when that moment comes you feel like the weight of the world lies on your shoulders.

You feel lonely, scared, broken and sad


You don’t feel anything at all

You have nothing left to feel

You’re just empty
Then they’ll say
“Please be okay”

“Just smile”

“It’s fine! You’re fine”

Or my two favorites

“It’s all in your head, if you wanna be happy just be happy”

Oh how I wish it was that easy!! It’s not like I enjoy feeling like the scum of the earth.


“It all gets better in the end. If it’s not better, it’s not the end.”

This is the only statement that holds the truth.

It does get better at the end

Cause the end is death.

That moment when you take your last breath and you feel a sense of relief or you feel at peace.

That’s the end!

That’s when it gets better.


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