depression · Mental health

Would anybody even notice? 

Do you ever get that feeling that nobody loves you? 

That nobody cares about you?

That you’re just a waste of space? 

An unnecessary addition to the earths population? 

Have you ever asked yourself ” If I were to disappear today, would anybody notice?” 
Well that’s my everyday! 

I’m surrounded by people but I still feel alone. 

I’ve somehow managed to convince myself that nobody likes me, they just tolerate me! 
I feel like at some point of my life everyone I love and care for is going to leave me! 

I just know they will! 
They gonna realize that I’m nothing! 

That I’m pathetic 

That I’m a loser 

That I’m insecure 

That I’m worthless

That I’m broken 

So the question still stands

If I were to die today, would anybody notice?


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