I don’t want to hear it

What started off as just simple (but server) depression and anxiety has escalated into riot in my brain!

I developed haters
Voices in my head
I wish they whispered sweet nothings
But oh no I've not had such luck
Instead they mock and torment me

You're worthless
You're nothing
You're fat
You're ugly
You're such burden
It's best to suffer in silence, if you talk about your depression people will think you are looking for attention or they will think you are weak and pathetic
Everybody hates you
Everybody you love is going to leave you
You don't deserve love
You don't deserve happiness
The world is better off without you
Just kill yourself
No one will notice when you're gone anyway
In fact everyone will be happy
Their lives will be better

I lost control of my emotions now I feel like I'm slowly losing my mind!


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