depression · Mental health

Keep it in

You keep it all inside

You let the pain slowly eat at you 

Because you're afraid to be burden 

Afraid to be a problem 

Afraid to be labeled as the pathetic depressed girl 
So you suffer in silence 

You suffer alone 


Just waiting for the lucky day to come when you can be set free from all the pain. 

Set free from life itself 

depression · Mental health

Would anybody even notice? 

Do you ever get that feeling that nobody loves you? 

That nobody cares about you?

That you’re just a waste of space? 

An unnecessary addition to the earths population? 

Have you ever asked yourself ” If I were to disappear today, would anybody notice?” 
Well that’s my everyday! 

I’m surrounded by people but I still feel alone. 

I’ve somehow managed to convince myself that nobody likes me, they just tolerate me! 
I feel like at some point of my life everyone I love and care for is going to leave me! 

I just know they will! 
They gonna realize that I’m nothing! 

That I’m pathetic 

That I’m a loser 

That I’m insecure 

That I’m worthless

That I’m broken 

So the question still stands

If I were to die today, would anybody notice?

depression · Mental health

It all gets better in the end 

Depression It’s a fickle thing.

It can be triggered by the tinny tiniest things or if you’re me by nothing at all.

My mood can go from joyful and happy to lonely and suicidal in a split second.
And when that moment comes you feel like the weight of the world lies on your shoulders.

You feel lonely, scared, broken and sad


You don’t feel anything at all

You have nothing left to feel

You’re just empty
Then they’ll say
“Please be okay”

“Just smile”

“It’s fine! You’re fine”

Or my two favorites

“It’s all in your head, if you wanna be happy just be happy”

Oh how I wish it was that easy!! It’s not like I enjoy feeling like the scum of the earth.


“It all gets better in the end. If it’s not better, it’s not the end.”

This is the only statement that holds the truth.

It does get better at the end

Cause the end is death.

That moment when you take your last breath and you feel a sense of relief or you feel at peace.

That’s the end!

That’s when it gets better.

depression · Mental health

Just a thought 

You know when I lay alone at night unable to sleep I’ve got nothing but time to think. To think about everything! The good, the bad and the random. And the sad thing about my life is there isn’t much good to think about. It’s mostly just bad.

I didn’t cut myself in an attempt to kill myself! I cut myself cause in the moment it felt like the only thing to make me feel better.

No one understands and no one will ever understand and I don’t blame them cause honestly sometimes I don’t understand.

All I know is pain.
This constant pain that lives in my heart, in my mind, in my life!

And when I lay alone at night thinking, thinking about the good, thinking about the bad.

The conclusion that I end up at is that, I will never be happy. That I don’t deserve happiness!

That I’m destined watch those around me be happy but I’ll never obtain that happiness.

Now if you ask me that’s a heavy thought to wake up with! But I do!

I wake up!

And I wake up, I put a smile on my face and carry on.

Carry on with the day and patiently wait for my next thinking session.

depression · Mental health

Mute no more. 

I’m depressed. 

I have been for the past 9 years of my life. I’ve tried to commit suicide at least 4 times. And now I can feel myself slowly going back to that place! The past 6 months have been so hard for me and a day doesn’t go by without me thinking about it. And as a result I started cutting myself.

I feel alone! I always feel alone! In a room filled with people I feel alone! 

I feel unloved. I feel like no one cares. 

I feel like if I were to just disappear no one would notice. 

Now, I know you are wondering why I would just tell you all of that. I don’t want you to pitty me or feel sorry for me! No! Not at all. 

I just don’t want to be mute anymore.

I just want my voice to be heard.